• Mom's Day gifts not provided or dodgy flowers? Know your rights

  • Busted stems, wilting flowers, undelivered cards - those are simply some of the problems Moonpig received this weekend from annoyed clients.

    It made for a dissatisfied Mother's Day for lots of.


    The gift and welcoming card site has actually apologized stating it has compensated all those who experienced problems.


    If you've paid for something and it's not up to scratch where do you stand?


    My flowers showed up on time however they were rubbish


    If your flowers arrive in a bad state, such as wilting or with browning petals or leaves, they are not of satisfying quality and you should be entitled to a refund states Consumer Site Which?
    When you purchase flowers online, you get in into a contract with the retailer. Under the Consumer Rights Act - which was available in on 1 October 2015 - the retailer is accountable for the condition of the flowers up until you take shipment of them.

    So if your flowers arrive in a poor condition, the retailer is in breach of agreement and you ought to get a complete refund.

    It's a smart idea to take an image of them as this is useful evidence if you're asked by the seller to supply evidence that they were not in reasonable condition when you received them.


    Late blooms


    If your flowers are later on than estimated, you do not have an automatic right to a refund. A retailer has a maximum of 30 days from when your order is put in which they should provide your products, unless a different delivery time is agreed.


    Approximated shipment, by its nature, is not ensured by a certain time, so a seller might successfully argue that a shipment which shows up a few days after its estimated delivery date is reasonable.


    However, if a couple of weeks have actually passed since the estimated delivery time, you might argue that an affordable time had actually passed and ask for a refund.


    If you paid for your flowers to be delivered by a particular date or time, like Mother's Day, this is an agreed part of your agreement.


    If they're then late, you have the right to terminate the purchase and get a full refund.