• Spring bloom: warmer weather sees flowers bloom

  • There is something special about the blossoming of flowers on trees. Or it might be that many trees have actually amazing flowers.


    Whatever the reason, the blossoming of cherry, almond and plum trees take on a special significance in numerous communities all over the world as it suggests the approaching summertime and the imminent crop of fruit or nuts. Further details on bulbs and beyond.

  • Mom's Day gifts not provided or dodgy flowers? Know your rights

  • Busted stems, wilting flowers, undelivered cards - those are simply some of the problems Moonpig received this weekend from annoyed clients.


    It made for a dissatisfied Mother's Day for lots of.


    The gift and welcoming card site has actually apologized stating it has compensated all those who experienced problems.

  • Bumblebees don't like sharing their flowers

  • Bumblebees don't play well with others and certainly do not desire young upstarts intruding on their favorite foraging paths, researchers from Queen Mary University of London have found.


    The team's research study, Monitoring Flower Visitation Networks and Interactions between Pairs of Bumble Bees in a Large Outdoor Flight Cage, analyzes how interaction in between bumblebees impacts the way they plan their routes between flowers.